Armband tattoos always look cool since these tattoos are a symbol of strength and most popular in males and young boys with muscular arms although females always come forward when it comes to enhancing the beauty of their body So, you can’t associate a tattoo design with gender or a community as they multiple-meaning according to different beliefs and traditions. So let’s have a look at the amazing armband tattoos what do they mean as per artistic logic and which design should you go for:

black forearm band tattoos
1.) Black filled armband tattoo on left forearm represents Maori Design as Maori tattoos had great significance among the Maori tribe. There are numerous signs and symbol which have different meanings in Maori as you can see, in this tattoo, there are lines, triangle and rectangular boxes which represents strength, prestige, authority, and royal. Here the these these designs are tattooed around the forearm with awesome armband tattoo

flower armband tattoo
2.) This forearm band looks more beautiful on a women’s arm, This armband tattoo significe the hope in bad time as it has black background represents darkness and flowers over it that resembles the sign of shine and hope.
black pattern armband tattoos
3.) Symmetrical Armband looks incredibly great on men and women both. In Modern Beliefs, Symmetrical tattoos represents excellence of your skills in any field and this tattoo represents.
barbwire armband tattoos
4.) Barb wire armband tattoo, represents thrones, the problems you faced in your life but you are getting through out of it. some religious beliefs also connects it with the crown of throne worn by God Jesus.
best armband tattoos
5.) Hybrid Design of Armband Tattoo most of its components are taken from Maori and additional shading in it thus balcked filled armband is symbol of strength and power.
tribal armband tattoo
6.) Tribal Armband Tattoo done on biceps. Mostly popular in young boys who wants show off their physical appearance as its symbol of strength.
nature dotwork armband tattoo
7.) Wonderful dot work fore arm band tattoo. depicts the nature and its shining beauty as it contains trees, mountains and moon in night sky. where mountain is a symbol of strength, tree are life giver and moon light giver at night.
owl maori armband tattoos
8.) Another Maori tattoo with owl symbol. This tattoo has lots of different deigns and symbol in it which depicts strength & power and it also have owl in it which symbolize wisdom and knowledge.
line dot work tattoos
9.) Lines Armband tattoo with dot work covering the whole forearm looks awesome.
black honeycom armband tattoos
10.) Black Armband Tattoos with Honeycomb pattern deigns on a girl’s forearm. Honeycomb design signifies the hard work, teamwork, family and union.
dots armband tattoos
11.) Dot Pattern wrist band tattoo done beautifully by the artist by following the pattern of small and big dots around the arm.
Geometrically straight line band tattoo for hand
12.) Geometrically straight line band tattoo for hand
birds tattoo of armband
13.) Birds sitting on the wire tattoo forearm band tattoo
celtic armband tattoo
14.) Celtic forearm band tattoo, Celtic tattoo defines the warriorship and depict strenth of a warrior. It signifies the your love for animals.
ornamental armband tattoo
15.) Beautiful ornamental band tattoo for girls defines beauty.
mandala armband tattoo
16.) Mandala Forearm band tattoo that meant balance, eternity, and perfection.
rose flower armband tattoo
17.) Garden Rose tattoo inside a band around the forearm as love signifies enduring passion and love.
negative shading armband tattoo
18.) Detailed Armband tattoo done beautifully with negative shading to show the flowers.
best armband tattoo designs
19.) Awesome armband tattoo looks cool in muscular for forearm with black line at the bottom and red in the middle where one thin over the both with faded black.
unique armband tattoo designs
20.) Geometrical 3D armband tattoo.
unique armband tattoos
21.) Unique Bicep band tattoo beautfully show the color of cosmos, rocks/mountains and a ring planet in the universe. It has a cool water color effect and greywash shading. Undoubtedly, one the most unique armband tattoo in the list.
water color effect armband tattoo
22.) Water color effect wrist band tattoo that looks so real in the first perception.

Some more Awesome Armband Tattoos.

geometrical tattoo armband
arrow armband tattoos
geometrical shading armband tattoo
geometrical triangle armband tattoo
bracelet wrist tattoo
water color armband
line colors boxes tattoo
black armband tattoo
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nature armband tattoo
colorful pattern armband tattoo
geometrical tattoo armaband
lion armband tattoo
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geometrical pattern armband tattoo
koi fish japanese armband tattoo
negative shading flower armband tattoo
unique small armband tattoo
tribal armband tattoo for bicep
armband tattoos
geometrical black dot work armband
love line armband
quotation armband tattoo
flowers armband tattoo
one direction arrow armband tattoo
unique design for armband tattoo
tribal flower armband tattoo
best unique armband tattoo designs