About TattooXP


TattooXP is an online community that publishes Tattoo related stuff like; Tattoo Designs and their meanings, Information about Tattoo Studios and Parlours, Latest Information on Tattoo Products and equipment with reviews and opinions from the best artists around the globe, etc.

Our Publications Majorly Include:

Tattoo Designs:

There are numerous designs out there to get permanently done on the skin, each and every tattoo design has a meaning, a story, and a specialty that attracts creative and art-loving people to embed it on their skin. We at TattooXP decode the meaning of all those designs so, you can easily understand the design and explain the actual meaning to your friends and family. TattooXP also gives you new ideas for your first tattoo on your body. If you are a tattoo artist or working in this domain you can learn about Tattoo Designs at TattooXP.

Tattoo Studios/Shops:

Modern Tattooing is a growing area which became a strong business model or source of income for young and creative artists from all over the world. TattooXP enlists all the reputed tattoo shops where you can virtually visit a Tattoo Studio or grab information about the environment of the studio. You can also list yours or your nearby tattoo studio in our Online Portal based on the locality.

Tattoo Products:

This section is all about tattoo equipment, products, and tools for tattoo making, tattoo healing, and tattoo caring. If You are a tattoo artist or willing to be a tattoo artist, You can visit the products section where we publish genuine information, reviews, working, and costings of tattoo products and if you have a tattoo on your body, you can also learn about tattoo aftercare products here.


As a publication organization, TattooXP publishes trending topics, relevant information for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. There are many myths about tattoos in our society, we help freshers to learn genuine information to grow this art form. We also cover the latest information on the major incident, govt regulations, and other buzz regarding tattoos.


We do interviews as well, with skillful tattoo artists to know and showcase their journey. We love to feature new artists in our portal so they can get recognition along with famous artists. Artists can submit their profiles with the required information.